General Information

How long do your candles burn for?

Large candles burn for approximately 48 hours and Wax pots 24hrs if not more.

What scents do you have?

Please check the website regularly for up to date scents

What are your wicks made from?

Our wicks are made from Cotton & Linen, made from unbleached cotton, interwoven with a linen thread. These wicks offer excellent rigidity, as well as minimising afterglow and smoking.

Are your products tested on animals?

Our candles and melts are not tested on animals.

What are your prices?

Please take a look through our website.

What if my items are out of stock?

Occasionally items are out of stock as all our products are handmade. We do restock frequently so please check back at a later date. The website will also give you an indication if the item is in or out of stock on the products detail page.

Delivery Information

When should I expect delivery?

You should receive your parcel within 5-7 working days of placing your order.

Can I track my item?

You can track your item with the reference number on your Yodel confirmation email.

If you have not received an email and wish to track your order, please contact us at email address and we will do our best to track it for you.

Do you do samples?

Unfortunately not at present. However, if enough interest is shown we may provide this service in future.

What if my item doesn’t arrive?

Please contact us if your parcel hasn’t arrived within 14 days.

Can I amend my order?

Please check your confirmation as soon as you have placed your order and send through any changes to our email address ASAP.

We can’t guarantee the changes will be made but we’ll do our best.

Can I collect my order?

Yes, you can collect from our shop in Rochdale please take a look at our contact-us page for further details.

Candle related queries?

What should I do if my candle isn’t burning evenly?

The wax and wicks we use are designed to burn evenly, but you also need to burn them in the correct way to ensure they melt evenly.

We recommend burning your candle for at least 2 hours to get a full melt pool and no longer than four hours. You should also not relight it (after putting out) within 45 minutes, this will ensure the wax burns in an even layer and that it is completely cooled before you relight your candle.

You should also trim the wick down to around 1cm above the wax before you light it, in order to control the size of the flame.

Following these instructions will give you the best results and help you get the most from your candles.

What does ‘scent throw’ mean?

Scent throw’ is how strong the fragrance smells.

Cold throw’ is the strength of fragrance before lighting and ‘hot throw’ is when the flame is lit.

What should I do if the flame of my candle is too big?

Large and wild flames are dangerous, and can result in fast and uneven candle burning.

If the flame of your candle is too too big, or smoking, you should blow the candle out straight away.

To prevent large flames, always ensure the wick is trimmed down to around 1cm above the wax before lighting your candle.

If you’ve trimmed the wick and the flame is still too big, or is moving around too much (wild), the wick could be receiving too much oxygen. To avoid this, make sure the candle is not placed in a draughty location.

Safety Points

How do I keep my candle safe?
  • Trim Wick to 1/4 inches before every burn
  • On your first burn, burn your candle for 3hrs for a nice even melt pool
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended
  • Keep well out of Reach of children & pets
  • Keep well away flammable items
  • Observe minimum distance between two burning candles
  • Only stand on inflammable surfaces — use suitable containers or candle holders
  • Do not expose the candle to draughts or other air flows e.g. radiators
  • Keep the burning bowl free of impurities and flammable materials
  • Extinguish sooting, flickering candles
  • Do not move the candle when the wax in the burning bowl is still liquid
  • Never extinguish a burning candle with water
  • Never burn a candle for longer than 4hrs to avoid over heating
  • Never pour hot wax down your kitchen sink or drain.